What About The 12 Days of Christmas?

12 daysThe American culture is very young.  We think of things like baseball and the Fourth of July as being ancient traditions, because our country has barely existed for more than 200 years.  Our Christmas celebrations and even our American Santa Claus are also rather new compared to European traditions.  If the Roman Catholic Church were a human adult, then the SBC would still be in diapers.

Many European cultures, including those of Eastern orthodox faith, celebrate Christmas from December 25 until the January 6 day of Epiphany.  The real season continues until February 2, ending in a celebration known as Candlemas which celebrates Jesus’ presentation at the temple.  In America, our celebration begins earlier and earlier each year as retailers attempt to get their merchandise moving and improve their bottom line for the quarter.  The idea that the birth of Christ is the beginning of the season, rather than the end of it, would be unusual here.

What about the song?

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Catholics, Protestants, and 400 denominations

When you meet a person on the street and say that you are a Christian, what you mean by that and what a stranger thinks may be galaxies apart from each other.  Bill Maher has commented on how ridiculous it is to believe that a cracker turns into the body of a guy that’s been dead for 2,000 years, and your salvation depends on eating it.  That’s one way in which the outside world views Christianity.  And when other people hear that, that’s what they think of all Christians.  The reference is to the Roman Catholic teaching of transubstantiation, and most Protestants find it ridiculous also; yet they break the bread and take the cup.  That’s just one example of thousands where Christians disagree.

I wrote an article in April called Roman Catholic Christians  in which I listed several things that Baptists and Catholics agree on, all having to do with the work and divinity of Jesus Christ.  Recently there have been some new comments, and I’ve responded to those, but that’s so far back I decided to bring it up again.  Continue reading

On the lighter side…

The last couple of posts have been kinda’ heavy, so enjoy the following courtesy of Joke of the Day. 

A Catholic school teacher was asking her students what they want to be when they grow up.

“I want to be a fireman!” said John.

“Oh, very good John. Community service for the Lord!” the teacher praised.

“I want to be a nurse!” said Jane.

“Excellent! You can be a healer just like Jesus was!” the teacher cooed.

Then little Mary stood up and said: “I want to be a prostitute!”

At this, the teacher fainted on the spot. After a while, she regained her senses. She marched right up to Mary and demanded: “WHAT.. DID YOU JUST SAY?”

“I said, I want to be a prostitute!” replied Mary.

“Oh, thank heavens! For a moment, I thought you said you want to be a Protestant!”