Romney, Obama and Christianity

Some conservative Republicans are concerned that Romney being Mormon will divide the voting base, turning away some mainstream conservative Christian voters.  So will they vote for Obama instead?  25% of Americans still believe Barack Obama is Muslim.

For those that believe Romney is a Christian, I’d like to point out that Obama is also.  If you believe Mormons are not Christian, may I suggest that perhaps Obama is a Muslim.  Now…

This an election year.  In November we will select a president for the next four years.  We’re not electing a pope, you will not be attending his church.  Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, we still have 535 members of Congress ensuring nothing will get passed and 7 Supreme Court Justices to overrule it if it does.

The issues in this election are unemployment, national debt, immigration, health care and mid-east wars.  Let’s pretend both candidates are scientologists and move on to discussing the political views of both men.

As Long as it’s Black

That’s what folks used to say about the Ford Model T: it came in any color you wanted, as long as you wanted black.  Consumer sovereignty has come a long way since the 1920’s.  Not only can today’s car buyer select exterior and interior colors and features, but each make and model car comes in several different styles.  40 years ago you had two choices when buying a phone, desk or wall mount.  Maybe there were a very few colors to pick from.  Today dozens of companies produce hundreds of designs.  The epic failure of products like Ford’s Edsel, Beta players and New Coke are classic economic 101 lessons demonstrating that the consumer is indeed sovereign and gone are the days that companies can force a product onto the marketplace or tell us what we want.

Unless you’re Facebook.

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Immigration: fact and fiction

u.s. mapI am a history teacher.  There is no denying that fact.  My degree is in political science.  If you break out in a rash or have difficulty breathing when exposed to a history lecture, look away from this window slowly and click on something else. 

This morning I heard someone say that Mexicans are taking over our country.  It’s an old argument, only it used to be the Chinese.  Same song, different verse.  Chinese immigrants basically built the American railroad from the Mississippi to the west coast.  Some railroad companies had as much as 90% of their workforce made up of Chinese immigrants.  The argument back then, get this, was that Chinamen were taking American jobs.  No they weren’t.  Continue reading