Useful Links

links Yesterday I updated the blogroll. That’s a list of blogs that I read and you might enjoy as well. Beneath the blogroll is another list of links. Rather than blogs those are resources useful for Bible study, research and passage look-up. Some of those sites I use on a regular basis, others “as needed.”

Speaking of websites I use, check out the new look of Our Daily Bread. The interactive calendar feature makes finding a particular devotion easier than before, and you can now login and post comments.

Free Stuff

Desiring God Ministries is the public outlet of all things John Piper.  For a long time, they have been willing to work with people to get resources in the hands of those who might not be able to afford them otherwise.  Lots of stuff is available at little or no cost if you’re willing to work with them.  They are not just giving everything away, but if you have a need they will provide you with Piper books and other resources.  They are found online at  You may also want to check out the Desiring God Blog. 

Recently everything John MacArthur has become available.  At Grace To You ( you can read, listen to, or buy a CD of his sermons – 2725 of them.  MacArthur is available through radio, television and podcast, and Grace to You has it all on their website.  This has gotten a lot of buzz on the blogosphere, so expect to hear sermons ripped off from MacArthur at a church near you soon!

Links to good resources

I have a blogroll on the right sidebar with links to some very good blogs.  If you like this blog, you might enjoy reading some of those as well.  They are the blogs I read.  I do not have a list of links to other sites and resources, however, and think it’s time to start one.  I would like to begin by sharing some of the places I go to do research or ask my own questions. is where I link all my scripture references to in this blog. allows you to look up passages or search keywords in any Bible version you wish.  Many versions have audio passages available for you to listen to.  Bible Gateway is part of Gospel Communications which puts a vast supply of resources at your disposal. is another example. 

I just discovered a new resource, a website called Faith Facts.  I submitted a question of my own as a matter of fact, and am waiting for a reply.  Discovering Faith Facts is the reason I decided to write this post and start a list of links in my sidebar that contains resources others might find helpful.  Faith Facts is set up to answer questions and explain issues dealing with theology and apologetics.  I blog about these issues, but they’re site is set up more like an FAQ, and is divided into topics that you search or browse. 

These are sites/ resources that have helped me in the past.  I’m open to your suggestions of others.