Blogrolls: Your Comments Welcome

blogrollIn the early days of blogging, anything before 2010, building a healthy blogroll is how bloggers formed communities. I would list blogs on my blogroll that had something to offer my readers/followers. If other blogs were listing you then that meant a wider audience, more exposure, and a good sign that you were doing something right. From a strictly reader point of view, if you enjoyed a particular blog then chances are you would enjoy some of the blogs that blogger enjoyed reading and recommended. Blogrolls, Real Simple Syndication (RSS) and blog aggregators were the tools of the trade back when regular folks dreamed of quitting their jobs and blogging full time. Continue reading

Thank You for Following

200 followsI’ve been blogging since 2008. Back then everything was about blog rolls. If other bloggers listed you that was a good sign. I worked to build a useful blogroll so that readers could interact with my blog friends and vice versa. Today blogs have integrated with social media. There are over 150 followers of the Master’s Table Facebook page and sharing any blog post with Facebook or Twitter is as easy as one click.

For those of you who follow – via email, RSS feed reader, social media or what-have-you – thank you. That’s all. From one Christ follower to another, peace and God bless.

A ton of links

Sometimes I like to go looking for blogs I’ve never read before.   Occasionally, you find a real treasure that way.  One of my internet blogging buddies has created a post listing every single blog that he subscribes to with RSS.  He is actually taking inventory of what to scrap and what to keep, but in this post  he links to  each with a brief description.  It would take some time to go through and look at each one, but any blog that he describes as an absolute must read I would consider at least taking a peek at.

How to WordPress

Everyday new people begin to use WordPress for the first time.  Since I joined in March the number of WordPress blogs has gone from 2.5 to 3.6 million.  I imagine there are also those users who have used WordPress for a while now, but do not take advantage of all the features.  I would like to share a few tips and tricks that have made my use of WordPress more useful and enjoyable.  Continue reading

Very busy

This is a very busy week!!!  I’ve driven a bus for our baseball team twice this week, did Wednesday night with church youth, and I’m taking a group of kids to Bible drill Friday night.  Yeah, they still have Bible drill where I live.  It’s like I died and went to the 50’s.  A group of our local kids qualified for like a regional thing.  We’re driving 2 hours for this.  ANYWAY, very busy, little time for blogging, let’s hit it.

Today was May 1st.  It was RSS Awardness Day, and I didn’t make up a new post for it last night.  Click here to read up on RSS, then tell a friend.  Most bloggers already know about it, but the vast majority of internet users do not. 

May 1st is also the National Day of Prayer each year.  I knew there would be events all over the country, but haven’t heard of any that made news so far. Often, the only news I get is what my students see in first period each day; and what I read in blogs, yeah, there’s that. 

May 1st is RSS Awareness Day

Bloggers know about RSS, but the vast majority of Internet users do not.  May 1st will be RSS Awareness Day, created to get the word out about RSS. explains what RSS is, demonstrates how it works, and offers some examples of readers/aggregators.  Bloglines is the reader I personally use, recommended by Internet Monk.  Read up on RSS if you need to, and on May 1st, tell a friend.