Satur-deja Vu

Apples in season – As soon as the Satur-deja Vu was published last week my family packed up and headed to Blue Ridge, GA. The weather forecast called for only a 60% chance of thunderstorms that day as opposed to 80% on Sunday and Monday. Labor Day weekend was the first “U-Pick” event at Mercier Orchards and we definitely made the right call. Apple/ apple cinnamon is the official flavor of fall in our home, not pumpkin spice, and we came home with a peck. That’s approximately 2.2 gallons.

Then on Tuesday Teresa and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. September 6th, 1997, was the same day as Princess Diana’s funeral. Mother Teresa passed away the same day as well. We were married 12 years before our daughter Johannah was born. Other couples our age have children that are grown and some have grandchildren. My younger brother became Grandpa Bunch earlier this year at the age of 40. I’m happy where we are.

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