What Happened?

Not only did I not write a special historical fun facts post this week there isn’t even a Satur-deja Vu. I try to take like one day at a time but this week it felt like several days ganged up on me at once. Pray for me, pray my family. There’s no one major issue just many stress factors all hitting at the same time. I can normally shrug off one or two and act like they don’t affect me. By the middle of this week I may have even lost my usual positive attitude but I think we’re okay now.

One more full week until Palm Sunday and Holy Week/Passion Week begins. Don’t let it sneak up on you. Be salt, be light, peace and God bless.

Just a Few Reminders

The Happy Monday posts began during the summer of 2012. The original format was based on the idea that after a weekend of going out for family and social gatherings, sporting events and church activities people might need a little encouragement and to catch up on news or happenings. The first two or three weekly posts featured a metal count from the summer Olympic games. While the goal was to help readers start their week off right, sometimes the posts leaned a little heavy on the news. One friend in real life told me that when he read the post he didn’t see much to be happy about. Over a few months the format morphed into the a regular template we follow pretty closely: an opening bit, a welcome line or sometimes just the post number, an Old Testament verse, New Testament verse, two inspiring quotations usually featuring at least one Christian author or personality, usually a Coffee with Jesus comic strip to transition from the serious into the silly stuff, then up to four memes, cartoons or cute aminals to put smiles on faces. Mondays are tough, we do what we can.

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