See You at the Pole

The nationwide See You at the Pole event is next Wednesday, Sept. 28th.  Below is a short video.  The theme this year is “Converge.”

The See You at the Pole website ( says the event began in 1990.  I swear I remember doing this in middle school in the late 80’s.  Must have been a local thing.

I teach at a private Christian school.  We have daily chapel, and my wife and I sponsor BCM.  Our students frequently worship together and hear the gospel message.  We still observe See You at the Pole because on that day thousands of students nation wide – and now even worldwide – meet together to pray.  At our school staff and students can meet and pray together, but in the public school setting the events are entirely student led.  We wouldn’t miss the chance to agree with those kids in prayer for anything.

*BCM is Baptist Campus Ministry.  The name changed in 2005 from BSU, Baptist Student Union.