Satur-deja Vu

It’s fall y’all. The little bird is telling everyone how cold it is in the morning. You can follow him on Twitter. Meteorologists, who study weather and not meteors for some reason, consider September, October and November to be the fall months. The autumnal equinox is not until September 22nd which most people (and calendars) consider the first day of fall in the northern hemisphere and the first day spring in the southern. My family has already been apple picking and I can tell the weather is changing. It’s almost enough to cause me to wear long sleeves and not go outside barefoot. It’s time for the social media posts to start in about hoodies, furry boots, hot cocoa and bonfires. All your favorite fall activities are centered around trying to keep warm. I understand the appeal of some of those things but fall is a transition season into winter. I don’t get those people. Whether you love winter or not it hates all of us equally, that’s why it is trying to kill us. Refer back to the angry bird in the picture. He gets it.

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