How Do You Saturday?

Screenshot 2014-04-12 at 3.49.04 PMDo you get a late start on a beautiful weekend day like this, or get up at the same time to the usual morning routine? Is your Saturday filled with yard sales, grocery shopping, kids at home from school or do you get the chance to genuinely relax? And what about the Internet?

I don’t follow stats like I used to, but the trend used to lean toward less active views over the weekend. Hopefully there are more exciting things going on and everyone is out and about; could also be more people just stay in bed all day. If you’re online and still looking for a break in the routine, here’s a couple of fun suggestions.

Saturday Ramblings at Internet Monk – a collection of stories and tidbits that didn’t make the regular cut during the week. There’s usually a paragraph or so on each and linkage to original sources. Kind of a mixed bag of leftover goodies.

Saturday Morning Cereal at Storyline Blog promises to be the best of the Internet from the past week. I’m afraid this link is to the best of the Internet from the week before because this morning’s cereal seems to be late. I hope they haven’t decided to scratch that feature just when I got around to promoting it.

Are you blogging any special Saturday things we need to look into? Share in the comments.