The Godly Complexion Movement

10 years ago I had a lot of help starting a blog. I worked with Michael Spencer, the original Internet Monk, in real life. I had all the WordPress experience and pro tips a newbie could ask for. So think of this post as paying it forward.

Chameca Helm was a student at OBI back when I taught geography and World History. Now she makes testimony videos and is building an online community to reach people with the Gospel. She asked me to help make her latest video “go viral” and I told her I would see what I could do. The Godly Complexion Movement by Chameca Helm is an online community that utilizes Facebook and YouTube to be uplifting and encouraging with the goal of pointing people to Jesus. Continue reading

Ron Archer

The Gideons are going into several different churches in our area tomorrow and this morning they hosted a breakfast for pastors and wives. Our speaker was from Catersville, just 30 minutes down the road, and he talked about his recent trip to Africa. He had the obligatory slideshow (but thankfully PowerPoint and ProPresenter have replaced the slide carousels of years gone by).

I’ve been listening to Gideon stories my entire life, but the longer I live the more I realize I will never hear everything. Before we dismissed, we watched this 8 minute testimony of Ron Archer. It’s not G-rated. It’s violent and contains language some may find offensive. But so does the Bible. Listen to this man’s story and give glory and honor to God.

Inspired by Ivan

Screenshot 2014-12-27 at 9.05.01 PMWith Christmas Day behind us (and Thanksgiving, and Halloween) many people are getting their New Year’s resolutions together. The guilt of too much festivity is usually the first thing on our minds as we contemplate turning over a new leaf or two in the coming year. Will 2015 be your year to a) loose the weight  b) quit smoking  c) read the Bible  d) ____________? What usually happens is that thousands of Americans buy gym memberships the first week of January and then go once or twice. The read the Bible in one year people often make it to the middle of February; Genesis is pretty exciting, the Levitical priesthood ordinances not so much.

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One Person’s Testimony

oneWe’ve all heard stories of a single vote that decided the fate of an election, or remember the lesson of the Knight Rider: One person can make a difference.  But have you ever been alone in a crowd when it comes to Christian faith?  Even if no one says anything negative, the temptation is to clam up about anything religious, to simply go with the flow.  Can one believer really make a difference? Continue reading

It’s like a trip on Jesus.

student_bible_study“It’s like a trip on Jesus.”  That’s exactly what the young man said who shared his testimony this evening.  Those are the words he used to sum up his salvation experience.

I don’t write much about the youth ministry I’m involved in, but feel like I must share this story.  A Christian should be able to share his or her testimony.  Maybe not in front of a church congregation, maybe not even in a group.  But a believer should be able to tell another person, even if just in a one on one conversation, what God has done in their life.  So tonight at BCM Celebration!  (Baptist Campus Ministry) we talked about what it means to share a testimony. Continue reading