Satur-deja Vu

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The Word of God speaks to us. The Bible is always relevant.

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Satur-deja Vu

Satur-deja Vu is not just a review. It also gives me a chance to drop in some things I couldn’t find a place for, and perhaps mention a topic that will not be getting its own post for whatever reason. It lets us take inventory. I used to call My Other Blog “the bottom file cabinet draw of the blogosphere.” Saturday is when we organize the file cabinet.

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Back-to-School affects people differently.

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The Bible, Part 3

Bible, on HistoryI’m still watching the Bible on History. My simple prayer before it began was that it not be stupid. It certainly isn’t stupid; the film is well made, filmed on location and for the most part tells the Bible story. I understand that some things must be left out and others abbreviated.  I understand dramatic license when adapting a story into a screenplay. And yet with each installment I find myself wondering why deviate from scripture when there is no need? Some details we might wish for are simply not found in the text, but why change those that are? For those of us that know the biblical account the film recreates, the differences are at times pretty bold. Continue reading

Happy Monday

tim hortonWe’ve all seen stories where a gas station customer pays for someone else’s gas, or a good Samaritan in a grocery store pays for the next person in line.  At a Tim Horton’s in Winnipeg last Friday, a chain reaction of paying it forward was set off lasting for three hours.  A total of 228 drive through customers paid for the person in line behind them.  What’s more Canadian than Tim Horton’s and hospitality, eh?

I mentioned the History Channel’s upcoming mini-series The Bible in a post yesterday.  I had been putting it off for several days, and it was this devotional at Our Daily Bread on the endurance of God’s word that motivated me to act.  There’s also a bit about a Bible museum being built by the owners of Hobby Lobby.

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Coming Soon…

I know it’s been a while; almost a month.  The school year is over, graduation is past, and we’re back from our 2 week road trip.  I’m looking forward to get back into my routines: reading scripture in the morning, teaching during the day (summer school hours are shorter) and blogging in the afternoon.  I promise, once again, that I have not stopped blogging… just slowed down for a little while.