I’d Like to Give a Shoutout

It’s always a pleasure to make new friends.  Amanda, author of Theologigal, left a comment yesterday and I was introduced to her site for the first time.  The religious blogosphere is pretty much a man’s world, but she has just started blogging theology and is off to a fine start.

In Mere Churchianity (haven’t finished reading it yet) Michael Spencer makes a distinction between being a follower of Jesus and following a particular church.  There is certainly a church culture, and it can be a distraction at times (or all the time) from what is really important.  Daniel is the author of Non Religious Christian, a blog devoted to taking the “religion” out of following the Christ.  I checked out his blog and found my button there.  Thanks for the link love.

I think these blogs are worth a look into, and in the next couple of days I will take the time to add them to the blog roll.  BTW, The Joy of Grace (thank you Sonny) has a Master’s Table button as well.  Just wanted to acknowledge I noticed.