Link List Turns 250

Screenshot 2015-04-08 at 10.26.27 AMI don’t mention the Wednesday Link List on here every week for several reasons. For one thing, many of my readers are probably reading or following Canadian blogger Paul Wilkinson already. Linking a list of blog links also has a certain redundancy to it, especially if the list includes a link back here. I do post a link every week on the Facebook page, but that page has fewer followers than this blog and of course not everyone is on Facebook, so I do like to mention it from time to time.

Today marks a milestone as the Wednesday version of the Link List hits 250 posts!  It also contains a couple of posts I really enjoyed, like 10 Secrets of the Senior Pastor and the Religious Affections article on How Our Children Learn to Worship. So if you haven’t seen today’s Wednesday Link List pop in for a short visit. It’s also better to click through and leave comments at the sources and not just on the Link List page.

2 New Reviews of God is Near

Screenshot 2014-06-26 at 4.01.13 PMPaul Wilkinson is no stranger to The Master’s Table. In addition to blogging at Thinking Out Loud and Christianity 201, his Wednesday Link List appears weekly at the Parse Leadership Journal of Christianity Today. He is on our blog roll and has been our guest blogger a time or two. Read his review that ran Monday on Thinking Out Loud.

Denise Spencer is the “first lady” of Internet Monk. Her late husband Michael Spencer was my friend and mentor in real life and the original Internet Monk, creating, writing, posting and managing the blog from 2001 until 2010. Mike Mercer and others continue the online work Michael started. Denise continues to work on the mission field in south-eastern Kentucky where the Bunches and Spencers once served together. Read her review, posted Thursday at Internet Monk.

  • Links to other reviews and ordering information are on the God is Near page of this blog. Please share this link, order a copy of the book if you have not yet done so, and join us for a series of discussions that will begin soon!





The Read and Share File


At 105 years of age this pastor in Minneapolis has no plans to retire. He said he tried once at 90 and it didn’t work out.

We borrowed that first link from the Wednesday Link List, published weekly at Thinking Out Loud. 

Shifting gender roles is a serious issue, but if you need to laugh to keep from crying check out why this blogger is thankful for skinny jeans.

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I’ve Got Friends in Blog Places

I love the Internet; no surprise there right?  I watch movies online, stream music, author multiple blogs and make excessive use of Facebook.  My wife and I each have a laptop, and our own handheld web devices.  I’m blogging in the kitchen while baking a lasagna, but that’s probably more intel than you need.

One of the privileges afforded by the internet is that anyone can have a global audience.  This blog is read around the block and around the world.  I in turn have made blog friends in places such as Canada, Australia and Israel.  While brothers and sisters in the Kingdom, we have never met in person.  Paul Wilkinson (he’s Canadian, eh) is the author of Christianity 201 and Thinking Out Loud, both of which are listed in the blogroll at right.  He wrote me last week and asked about submitting a guest post, which I am always happy to do.  Good blogs include links to other places, and one test of your own blog worthiness is being linked to by others.  Featuring a guest author adds variety to your own blog and increases the web presence of your guest.  If no one has coined the term Internetworking let me toss it out there now.

My latest post, Jesus Said More Than the Lord’s Prayer, is featured at Christianity 201.  Paul adds new content daily from a variety of sources, so be sure to visit again.

New Friends (on the blogroll)

As I am introduced to new blogs I didn’t know about, and make new friends on the internet, I like to update my blogroll from time to time.  (Likewise, some blogs I link to have become inactive, and I should probably remove them.)  A couple of new editions this week are RT’s Place and Thinking Out Loud.  RT has a unique perspective on some things that you might have thought about, but not the way he does.  Paul Wilkinson has a very extensive blogroll you might want to check out.  There are guys listed you probably already read, like The Master’s Table, InternetMonk, and Tall Skinny Kiwi.  He also lists many resources, and has links to sermons.  There is a wide variety of linkage.  As always, when you find a blog worth reading, let me know.

Under Useful Links is now an entry for The Master’s Table.  This is a website, not a blog, listing resources, essays, and articles for Bible study that also links to other Christian sites and blogs.  It has a .org not a .com address, and is authored by a gentelmen named Timothy Youngblood.