What About The 12 Days of Christmas?

12 daysThe American culture is very young.  We think of things like baseball and the Fourth of July as being ancient traditions, because our country has barely existed for more than 200 years.  Our Christmas celebrations and even our American Santa Claus are also rather new compared to European traditions.  If the Roman Catholic Church were a human adult, then the SBC would still be in diapers.

Many European cultures, including those of Eastern orthodox faith, celebrate Christmas from December 25 until the January 6 day of Epiphany.  The real season continues until February 2, ending in a celebration known as Candlemas which celebrates Jesus’ presentation at the temple.  In America, our celebration begins earlier and earlier each year as retailers attempt to get their merchandise moving and improve their bottom line for the quarter.  The idea that the birth of Christ is the beginning of the season, rather than the end of it, would be unusual here.

What about the song?

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