Where Did Your Bible Come From?

I mentioned a week or two ago that impending tariffs, that are on hold for now at least, could cause an increase in the price of Bible. It has to do with the incredibly thin paper that Bibles use and equipment which require special set up in order to process. One of my friends in real life said she would be checking her Bibles to see where they were made. So I decided to do the same. Continue reading

How to Mix Christianity with Patriotism

This isn’t really about how to mix Christianity with patriotism.  There are plenty of people already doing that.  But if you’re a follower, either online or in real life, you know that’s one of those things that makes me a little nervous.  I’ve been an American since birth and a Christian since age 12, but one is not synonymous with the other.  I get a little weird when Christians quote those Old Testament land promises God gave the Jews and act like those are about us.  A literal kingdom with borders and a king on the throne – that’s what God was doing then.  The kingdom he is building now is bigger than any one nation or one people.  We don’t live in a “Christian nation” either, and on that point I run the risk of starting a war of rhetoric.  We live in a free nation in which many people choose to practice Christianity without fear; but many choose not to as well.  The melting pot of many cultures, languages, races and religions is an essential part of our national identity.  We are not a Christian nation for instance the way Iran or Afghanistan are Muslim nations.  These are sermons I’ve preached before and I don’t want to get too distract before saying

However… Continue reading