A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.

 ~Earl Wilson

It’s actually not that bad, but it is time for our annual spring break.  We will have limited (more like intermittent) internet access, so I don’t expect to get a new post out during the next 7 days.  Pray for our family while we’re on the road.  I have high hopes for using all the time normally spent Facebooking and blogging on finishing a book.  Happy Trails.

Coming Soon…

I know it’s been a while; almost a month.  The school year is over, graduation is past, and we’re back from our 2 week road trip.  I’m looking forward to get back into my routines: reading scripture in the morning, teaching during the day (summer school hours are shorter) and blogging in the afternoon.  I promise, once again, that I have not stopped blogging… just slowed down for a little while.