Hindsight Being What It Is

Last month I tried to start something new, a weekend wrap-up of the week’s events. It was a combination of things I had blogged and events from real life that never made it into blog posts. I could not land on a title I liked and went with Doubletake because I needed something. I predicted that post would either become a regular feature or be the one and only. I would still like to pursue that concept but the title still needs work. And since we haven’t posted anything but Happy Monday there are no blog posts to recap.

IRL I have been catching up on what should be routine auto maintenance. I have recently replaced brake pads and rotors on our Chevy HHR. I have also replaced one brake caliper, spark plugs, engine air filter, changed the oil, oil filter, replaced the serpentine belt and bought four new tires. I can’t say for sure how many miles the belt had on it but I am certain it was at least 164,000 miles over the past four years. I have the top and bottom radiator hoses and new Dexcool but haven’t got to that job yet. Maybe this weekend.

That’s my handwriting, I guess I’ll take my word for it.

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VBS begins; ideas for Outrigger Island

UPDATE:  This post was written in 2008.  The Lifeway VBS theme for 2009 is Boomerang Express, and you can link to their site here. 

Ever since I first mentioned Outrigger Island, I’ve been getting about half a dozen hits a day from search engines looking for ideas; how to decorate, time saving tips, how to plan activities, etc. Well first off, as promised, here is a pic of me in a grass skirt doing the hula. Below are several more pics taken from our first night, and some ideas that maybe you can borrow for your VBS.

(click any photo to enlarge)

In addition to supplies from Lifeway, we bought decorations like these grass skirts from Oriental Trading Company. I’m not running ads for them or anything, but they sell stuff cheap in bulk, and can ship quickly if you’re in a hurry.

A plastic backdrop can quickly decorate any room.

Limbo is cheap, easy to set up, and authentic Hawaiian.

For little kids, try playing volleyball with a beach ball instead.

Decorate your tables for the full luau effect.

VBS Prayerwalk

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we have Outrigger Island coming up at our church. On Wednesday night we prayerwalked the church campus and prayed for each activity and classroom area. Your church could do this for any VBS. We handed out prayerwalk brochures with specific recommendations of what to pray about in each area, then divided our crowd up into small prayer groups to divide and concur. Areas you want to include are: sanctuary (or large meeting place), classrooms for each class or age group, music room, missions study area, craft room, refreshment area (and the people who serve them), recreation area, and your bus or van ministry. Don’t forget about preschoolers and babies when you pray for class groups, and certainly remember your pastor, youth leader and VBS directors.

Vacation Bible School is usually one of the most important ways that a church is visible in its community. Evangelism and church growth are definitely priorities during this week. Pray ahead of time that God would bless each of your workers as well as every child that comes in. Organizing a prayer walk or prayer meeting also helps everyone to focus on how important your mission is, and gets everyone on the same page.

Lifeway’s Outrigger Island

UPDATE: This post was written back in 2008.  The link below automatically redirects to the 2009 VBS theme from Lifeway, Boomerang Express. 

This link is to Lifeway’s Outrigger Island website, where you view curriculum material, order items and share ideas. There are forums where you can chat with other directors, pastors and teachers about their plans and experiences.

Prayerwalk you VBS. That’s a new thing we did this year at our church.