Satur-deja Vu

There’s money in them there walls. If you haven’t come across this story yet, you will. It has just gone viral but the event actually happened back on November 10th. A plumber was removing a toilet at Lakewood Church in Houston and discovered several hundred envelopes filled with cash and checks inside the wall! Back in 2014 the church reported $600,000 had been stolen from their safe. If this is that money, the plumber wonders, why did the person who stashed it never come for it? Right now they have more question than answers. The truth is stranger than fiction.

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Satur-deja Vu



Super Bowl ads, am I right? Chrysler had decided not to run a Super Bowl ad this year and changed their mind quickly when Bill Murray finally responded to their requests in the middle of January. The Groundhog Day flashback was filmed in three days at the original locations. There was no script, they just filmed Bill Murray improvising. Murray isn’t known for making commercials or pitching products but he decided fans of the cult classic Groundhog Day deserved this one.

The Groundhog Day Jeep ad and the Famous Visitors spot for Walmart Pickup were my personal favorites. I give Sam Elliott and Little Nas X an honorable mention for their Doritos Cool Ranch entry. Continue reading