Satur-deja Vu

In addition to Reformation Day, October 31st is also Halloween. If you’re into Halloween as a fun thing kids do and nothing more, Happy Monday was full of images, cartoons and puns like the one above. The Hebrews 11 Bible Study was pretty good this week, imho, and iMonk Radio was published on Thursday per the usual.

Here’s some other stuff that happened this week:

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Satur-deja Vu

I became aware of the Popeye’s vs. Chick-fil-A sandwich rivalry last Saturday. It was too late to make the Satur-deja Vu but the memes were fun while it lasted. So what really happened? Popeye’s did not run out of chicken. They had set up a line of supply they thought would satisfy demand, which they considered optimistic, through the end of September. The public response to the social media war surpassed all expectations and they were not prepared to meet that kind of demand. They never ran out of chicken but lines were long, shortages were widespread, and employees were working long hours and overtime in every location. Click here to read the real full story of how the decision made at the corporate office (in Miami by the way) to shut it down. It wasn’t as much of a decision as a realization. Continue reading

Happy Monday

According to the official Happy Monday declaration, one of the things we do on Monday morning is review some of the headlines you may have missed.  We also look forward to the week ahead and share encouragement in the form of inspirational quotes, Bible verses and humor.  There was a complaint last week (via text message, not in the comments) that there wasn’t much to be happy about.  I’ll try try to keep it positive. Continue reading