In Real Life

I have made blog friends over the years in some far and distant places. The information age makes the world a smaller place. Every now and then I meet a person in real life who blogs.

The same freelance writer who created this piece recently started a local writers group. Check out The Golden Rule of Writing at Amber Nagle’s self-named blog and then consider reading other offerings as well. At our most recent meeting we discussed strategies for platform building so here’s a head nod at a fellow writer and new friend IRL. (I presented on the topic of building one’s online platform, imagine that.)




“Self Published” is No Longer a Dirty Word

bookSelf publishing used to be problematic for many reasons. The quality of self-published works would immediately be suspect. If the manuscript was any good, why did all traditional publishing houses pass on it? Sometimes the quality of the physical book itself left something to be desired, from the materials used to the manufacturing process, not to mention the lack of quality graphics on the cover and potentially poor self-editing.

What if the manuscript was fantastic but no traditional publisher wanted to take a change on it? If a writer believed in his work he might pay out of pocket to have a few thousand copies printed, but then what? Continue reading

God is Near: Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert

Earlier this week I revealed a book in the works that should roll off the press in the next 10 -12 weeks. This has been a long time coming. In January 2011 I posted Where is God? I actually thought about deleting this post before the book came out; a good poker player doesn’t show his hand. But we’re not talking about poker, we’re talking about sharing the Gospel. Continue reading

Why Have I Not Written a Book?

note Admittedly that’s not a question I’ve been asked. That’s okay, I don’t really have a good answer.

When I was in college I latched onto the idea that we are created in God’s image. I went as far as puling some commentaries on Genesis off the shelf at the library and taking a few notes. You can’t write a whole book on the first two chapters of Genesis, not one that anybody wants to read anyway. That might be a good leaping off point for exploring man’s relationship with God throughout the whole Bible, but at the time that was the only idea I had: we are made in God’s image. Continue reading

Six Years at the Table

blogoversaryEvery cool title I could think of (The Gospel Truth comes to mind) had already been taken and I initially settled for a very generic Clark Bunch’s Weblog. The first post (titled First Blog, whoops) was March 4th, 2008. Over the next few days I published what I considered foundational articles which describe what I believe. Those were way too long; I actually wrote them out on paper, in long hand, before typing them in. Those were the first wobbly steps on a new path. It’s all about the journey.

Continue reading

Reading More, Posting Less

For the past several weeks I have been reading the Bible more.  A lot more.  I started Genesis at the beginning of January and am now in II Samuel.  I do not read through the Bible each year – that could be a long discussion right there – but decided to this year.  I’ve read the whole Bible in King James and NRSV, but up to this point have not done a straight through read of the ESV.  That has been my preferred translation of choice for reading, preaching and teaching since being introduced to it in 2003, but I’m a little ashamed to say that I have not yet read the entire thing.  Well, by God’s grace I’m working on it.  At my present rate I should finish in 10 months, not 12, but anything could happen.  I prefer reading ahead to catching up.

So the good news is I’m reading the Bible, and having a great time doing it.  The bad news, as far as this blog is concerned, is that I’m writing less.  It’s okay though.  At least I think it’s okay. has a team of authors posting daily and there’s a list of good blogs in my blogroll, some of which haven’t quit yet.  I hate it when a good blog stops.  The Master’s Table has not stopped; it has, at least for the time being, slowed down.

Easter is coming up in a few weeks.  Daylight Savings Time started this morning.  It’s a good time to be in church.  I’m starting a three part sermon on kings of Israel today, and will be posting on Saul (hopefully) this afternoon.  If you’re a follower, hang in there.  Graduation is now just a few weeks away, and during the summer I should have more time to read and write.  God has blessed and is blessing; just thought I would pass that along.