Book Review: The Jesus Bible

Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 5.10.59 PMThe Bible tells one story. I’ve been harping on that message for years. From one end to the other the Bible tells the story of how a holy God relates to people that are sinful, fallen and broken. At the center of that story is Jesus. Zondervan now offers a study Bible centered around that theme, appropriately titled The Jesus Bible.  Continue reading

Satur-deja Vu



Super Bowl ads, am I right? Chrysler had decided not to run a Super Bowl ad this year and changed their mind quickly when Bill Murray finally responded to their requests in the middle of January. The Groundhog Day flashback was filmed in three days at the original locations. There was no script, they just filmed Bill Murray improvising. Murray isn’t known for making commercials or pitching products but he decided fans of the cult classic Groundhog Day deserved this one.

The Groundhog Day Jeep ad and the Famous Visitors spot for Walmart Pickup were my personal favorites. I give Sam Elliott and Little Nas X an honorable mention for their Doritos Cool Ranch entry. Continue reading

Book Review: The Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids

Screenshot 2019-08-15 at 7.38.01 PMMy first impression when the UPS driver handed me the box was that of a big heavy book. The dimensions are not particularly large but it is thick, a hardcover book coming in at over 1,500 pages. The cover is filled with illustrations and brightly colored to attract children’s attention and advertises over 750 images. The NIrV Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids leaves out many features that adults would find helpful, like center column references and footnotes on each page. The complete Bible text, in the New International Reader’s Version, is included but not too much other stuff. There are illustrations with captions on roughly every other page but verse numbers and superscript letters indicating footnotes can be a distraction to children. The format is single column so it looks a lot like a chapter book that elementary students are just being introduced to. The target demographic is 4 – 8 years of age but I’m hopeful my 10-year-old will be interested and give it some time and attention. Continue reading

Book Review: Jesus Died for This?

Jesus Died for This? by Becky Garrison came out in August.  (Why I’m just reviewing it now is kind of a long story.)  In this volume Garrison reports as a pilgrim, a sojourner on a quest to find out whatever happened to Jesus.  She documents her travels from early 2007 to the election hype of 2008, taking her all the way from Jordan and Israel to Seattle and Manhattan.  Along the way she witnessed a lot of “Jesus junk” but also found genuine communities living out the Gospel in small groups of broken individuals. Continue reading

Update for “Sue the Publisher”

“Don’t like what the Bible says?  Sue the Publisher” is one of the more popular things I’ve written lately.  On Saturday, more people viewed that post than hit my site searching for Outrigger Island.  I’ve learned a little more about this story in the mean time:

Pictured above is Bradley Fowler.  In my original article, I mentioned several publishers that had better get ready to be next, and one of them was Thomas Nelson.  It turns out Fowler has already filed suit against Thomas Nelson as well.  Zondervan says Fowler is putting fault in the wrong place, pointing out that none of the translation they publish were translated in house.  Fowler’s claim is that these publishers intentionally crafted a religious judgment that homosexuals were sinners.  I wonder if Fowler ever read the King James Bible?  In the case of the KJV, it has been around so long it is public domain; there were no copyrights in 1611.  There’s no one to sue if you don’t like what the KJV has to say.  Of course, my original premise has not changed:


I’ve also learned that people having been sueing publishing companies in Canada – and winning – so we shouldn’t be surprised that it finally happened here.  Fowler is representing himself in both cases, and you know how that usually turns out.  Will someone please hurry up and throw this case out of court so the overworked system can move on to a real case.  May God have mercy on us all.