Happy Monday




Okay, so if you’re a big fan of World Cup soccer here’s a little Google doodle sendoff. If, on the other hand, you hate soccer and are sick of the World Cup – good news! (I keep seeing the same 3 second loop – click on the image to view full size, if necessary, in order to see the whole thing.) 

Monday Coffee

Phil 4 6

He is near

Before we get to the funny stuff, take a look at this – it’s Bono answering the question “Who is Jesus?” You can see the full one hour program here. 

Red Selfie

Bible or electronic devices


too much fun

Too much fun? I don’t know about that. But check the time; it was after 10 p.m.

God plant

God found in eggplant – A man slicing eggplant in a Louisiana restaurant found the word God written in seeds this past week. He was excited, the restaurant owner was excited, news outlets around the nation reported the story. Eggplant? I will continue to search for God elsewhere.

Eph 2 10

van til

There haven’t been any funny cat pics or videos since Van Til starting editing, but here’s a message even he can get behind. O2 is actually a digital telecommunications company in the UK. But that’s not important right now. Please enjoy “Be More Dog” and have a HAPPY MONDAY!

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