Satur-deja Vu

The most American thing you will see today:

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 7.58.13 AM

Unless you leave your house and go to pretty much any public place where masks are “required.” There you will see folks wearing masks over their mouths only, as chin straps, or pulled completely down to their necks. I said my bit about face masks a couple of weeks ago, not re-preaching that sermon. Hopefully the image made you smile. Welcome to the Satur-deja Vu.

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 8.42.43 PM

-John MacArthur, on why they will not stop having church. We suspended all in-person activities at our church in mid-March and did not come back until the last Sunday in June. There are no Sunday school classes or small groups yet, and we have hand sanitizer and paper masks at the front door. Another Baptist church just up the street from us has called off services again. I do not believe that avoiding large crowds suggests that Jesus is not the head of the church just like wearing a mask does not make us mindless subjects of a tyrannical government. A megachurch pastor got sick and died after refusing to stop meeting for services back in the spring. Church leaders have a responsibility to shepherd their flock and if I led a large congregation in the state of California, rather than rural northwest Georgia, we would not be meeting. There may be a coin shortage but that’s my two cents.

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 4.17.06 PM

Flag of Norway, not the Confederacy. A bed in breakfast in Mississippi decided to remove the flag of Norway, the owners’ home country, out of fear it would be confused with the rebel flag of the Confederate States of America. It was the wife’s idea, actually. Her husband was opposed saying that people should know the difference. She told him “They should, but they don’t.” My wife points out that people in Mississippi probably do know the confederate flag when they see it and would not recognize this one, but for any guests not from Old Dixie Land I could see a potential issue so removing the flag makes sense from a business point of view.

Screenshot 2020-07-31 at 4.55.59 PM

Televised sports are back! Not just virtual NASCAR racing or a 1995 World Series rebroadcast either but actual teams playing actual games this year. 10% of the 60 MLB games have already been played. As the NFL gears up to start soon we are learning more about college football as well. The SEC, as other conferences have already done, has announced there will be no out of conference games this season. It will be a very different season this year but at least there will be a season. According to Jimmy Humphrey the NHL playoffs start today. That’s also a sport people watch 😉

Update: The MLB commissioner has warned players that baseball could be shutdown if teams don’t do a better job controlling the spread of the virus. The Florida Marlins had 15 members test positive.

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 4.08.00 PM

Here is the post in full at Internet Monk. I scrolled through all 74 comments in the thread looking for one that said “So we’re teaching evolution now on Internet Monk?” No one did. It doesn’t matter to me how old the earth is and I will not be pulled into a debate that pits science and religion against each other. (It doesn’t work like that – click here to see why.) But do mainstream Protestants just accept evolution as a matter of course now with batting an eye? It could be that comments were so well curated that anyone questioning the premise of the original post was silenced; but I don’t think so.

Screenshot 2020-07-21 at 8.07.49 PM


Screenshot 2020-07-31 at 4.25.15 PM

Herman Cain passed this week at the age of 74. The funeral of John Lewis received national attention. I live close enough to Atlanta that we are part of their news market. Cain may not get the national press that Lewis has received but around here, especially in conservative circles, he is certainly getting attention. Herman Cain has been a conservative voice on talk radio for years and was a contender early on in the 2012 Republican primaries. What is being talked about is the fact that Cain recently attended the Trump rally in Tulsa and afterwards was hospitalized with Covid-19 and later passed away from Covid-19 complications. Whether or not the Trump Whitehouse changes course on rallies, large gatherings and perhaps the ideology of infection rates and death tolls remains to be seen.

This week on the Master’s Table: A book review of Transformed from the Inside Out.

A website review of the new Bible Gateway.

And a short read about removing ads.

One day next week I will ask your opinion about blogrolls. Before social media, maintaining a healthy blogroll was how bloggers built communities. Does that even need to be a thing now that we have Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets? Does anyone maintain a blogroll that you would hate to give up? Let me know if you have particular feelings either way.

Hello God by Dolly Parton. A friend in real life shared this recently. This video was back in 2008 but you may find yourself or others around you asking some of these same questions.


Allright. Enjoy your weekend, worship together with others either in person or virtually, remember to pray for the new school year. There are different start times across the country and a lot of discussion and debate about how to proceed. Our daughter Johannah goes back to school with other students on August 12th. Let’s pray for students, teachers and support staff not just for protection from disease but that amidst everything else an environment for learning can take place.


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