Let’s Talk About Eve

I spend a lot of time online. I do all of my Bible study and sermon prep online. I blog and update the church website. I also spend time watching YouTube videos and scrolling through Facebook and Twitter. I’ve seen a lot of memes lately, like the one shown here, about giving Eve the stink eye when meeting her in heaven. Sometimes people want to have a long theological discussion or engage in debate in a comment thread. Someone else’s comment thread is not the place for that kind of thing. This is the place for that kind of thing. Without being critical of anyone for having a sense or humor let’s be serious for a moment.

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Happy Monday

Without Daylight Saving Time in the middle of summer the sun would rise at like 5 AM. DST doesn’t make the days longer, that would happen naturally. What it does is takes an hour of daylight from the morning and moves it to the evening. As much as Americans enjoy sleeping in I can’t believe all the DST hate I’m seeing these days.

Anyway, on to bigger and brighter things. This is Happy Monday #418.

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