In The Beginning, The Story Retold

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This video was created by our friends at  This is a link  to the original post at their site.  You all know my take on same-sex marriage: if you want to have some sort of “civil union” recognized by the state, I’m fine with that.  Just don’t call it marriage.

9 thoughts on “In The Beginning, The Story Retold

  1. Here’s what more and more Gay Americans are doing; withholding all federal tax until our FAMILIES and CHILDREN have Marriage Equality.

    Our society and its laws treat us as SUB-Americans. Yet they expect us to pay taxes.

    I seriously doubt we will EVER have equality in other areas of life (military, adoption, hate crimes) until the US government starts to treat our families and children AS WORTHY AS other families. How do we expect to enlist in the military openly, adopt children without discrimination, or walk safely out and about in the world if our HOMES, our FAMILIES, are viewed as SUB-human in the eyes of the law?! What is more important than FAMILY?

    Is SUB-American OK as a tax-payer? R-e-a-l-l-y?

  2. John (and to every reader for that matter) – If your kids attend school, if you drive a car on our highways, if you use electricity or drink city water, you should pay your taxes. While the military may in fact discriminate against your serving, that same military is at this moment keeping the nation you live in safe from terroristic and foreign invasion. If you plan to receive social security when you retire, or be treated by medicade, it is your civic duty to pay the taxes the Constitution gives our federal government the right to collect. You receive many benefits of living in this country, even if you never get every single one that you wish. If you quit paying taxes, your not only a homosexual but also a thief. I guess you think the law discriminates against criminals, too? When the IRS sends you to federal prison (supported by my tax dollars) it’s not for being gay.

  3. Clark,
    I notice you don’t condemn discrimination against homosexuals. Can you clarify your position?

    What harm do you suppose would come about if homosexuals were allowed to call their union marriage?

    – Eshu

  4. The laws and society of America treat homosexuals as Sub-Americans? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    In Wyoming (hardly a gay friendly state) Matt Shepherd’s murderers were sentenced to life in prison.

    As far as American society being anti-gay, tell me the last TV show you saw that treated homosexuals as the bad guys and those with traditional views of sexuality as the good guys.

    Also recently a 1st grade class in San Francisco got out of class to go see their lesbian teacher get married. I don’t recall ever getting out of school to see any of my straight teachers get married.

  5. Eshu, I wrote a post back in the spring about gay marriage in California you can link to here: The post is short and to the point, answers your question, and generated quite a few comments.

    I teach history, including the formation of the U.S. Government. I teach my students about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. There are some types of discrimination that I do not ever believe are justified. If a gay couple is looking to rent an apartment, it is unlawful in this country to deny them based on their sexual preference. Two applicants for a job should be considered based on their experience and qualification. That’s the law. Scripture teaches that we are to obey the law of the land. But we have a greater obligation than that.

    I’ve had students take my class that we later found out were gay, and some of those same students I had invited into my home. Some Christians would have us treat gay and lesbian individuals like lepers. In his day, Jesus was often found conversing with lepers, visiting them, even touching some, despite very vocal opposition from the religious leaders of his time. I don’t think carrying protest signs that declare “God hates fags” is how to imitate Christ.

    I think homosexuality is a sin. God hates sin; but he loved people that are sinners enough to send his Son to die. “He that did not know sin, became sin for our sakes.” (paraphrase) I would be fine if states recognized gay and lesbian couples with some sort of civil union, as long as they did not redefine marriage. Marriage is a holy, sacred institution given to humanity by God. Let us have marriage; but if gay couples want health insurance benefits or hospital visitation rights, I have no problem with that.

  6. Thanks for the clarification and article link, Clark. It’s good to see your moral compass pointing (mostly) in the right direction on this one.

    Marriage is a holy, sacred institution given to humanity by God. Let us have marriage;

    That may be true for Christians, but not everyone is a Christian. Marriage has a legal meaning too. Marriage is common in many non-Christian cultures. The word is not owned by Christianity, but at the same time no one is trying to take it away from you.

    I understand you have strong opinions on this, but that doesn’t mean you can force your definition of marriage on everyone else.

    Imagine I belonged to a religion which condemned men being teachers (because it was written in our ancient holy book). How about I demand that the government stop you, Clark from being formally recognised as a teacher and insist that you must instead be known as a “speaker” instead. Would that be fair?

    Why not let Christians have holy, one-man-one-woman, blessed by God marriages and everyone else have non-religious legal marriages with rules not decided by other people’s religions?

  7. Marriage does have a legal aspect also, which is why I suggest that states could recognize a “civil union” giving couples legal rights in their state. Marriage was a religious ceremony before there were marriage laws, legal rights, written codes of government, etc. The first marriage was instituted by God between the first man and woman. When two gay men live together and have sex, that unravels the moral fabric of marriage. What my wife and I is marriage, when two guys have sex it is not. I know that Eshu and I must agree to disagree, and I’m sorry if anyone feels my “moral compass” is not pointing in the right direction on this.

    I’m not “taking” anything away from anyone. A very small percentage of the population is asking to be recognized in a way they never have been before. Gay couples want to be given the same thing married heterosexual couples have. And no matter how many states make it legal, I will still tell you that’s it wrong. Abortion has been legal since 1974, and we haven’t given up that moral battleground yet.

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