Happy Monday

Opening Ceremonies in London – where else can you see Queen Elizabeth II jump from a helicopter or Mr. Bean play Chariots of Fire?

9.66 million Tweets sent during the Opening Ceremonies.  That’s more than during the entire Games in Beiging, but to be fair Twitter wasn’t the “big deal” in 2008 is has become.  Media outlets actually had problems Saturday because the data networks were jammed with tweets and they couldn’t get details for broadcast.  When people watching television started tweeting about the lack of info, the problem only got worse.

James Holmes will be back in court today, but news cameras will not, as he faces charges for the shootings in Aurora, CO.  UPDATE – Holmes is charged with 24 counts of murder, 116 counts of attempted murder.

Severe drought is affecting much of the US.  Prices will go up not just for produce like corn and tomatoes, expect beef and other prices to go up when animal feed prices go up.  Pray for farmers, their families, and millions of people already struggling in this economy to put food on the table.

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day is Wednesday, August 1.  Enjoy some good food and fellowship, don’t forget to be Christ-like.  Read up on the issues here; BTW, I have corrected every misspelling of Chick-fil-A I could find on this blog.  Look for Truet Cathy/ Dan Cathy as you enjoy this from Tim Hawkins:

Chick-fil-A Appreciation is Wednesday.
Regular Olympics updates posted on My Other Blog.


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