Satur-deja Vu

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MLB Postseason – That’s Adam Duvall making his home run trot that put the Braves up 3-0 last night. The Atlanta Braves and St. Louis Cardinals are split one game each in their best of 5 National League Division Series. The Nationals and Dodgers are also evenly split in the other NLDS; meanwhile in the American League the Yankees took game one over the Twins and Astros beat the Rays.

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screenshot-2019-10-02-at-9.52.11-pm.pngLimited Time Only – McRib will get a nationwide rollout Monday, October 7th. Some places have them already but who knows how long they will last? If real slices of meat is more your thing Arby’s has a beer cheese sandwich for the month of October. The triple stack offers thinly sliced roast beef, beer braised beef and corn beef topped with fried onions and beer cheese sauce on a pretzel bun. That’s one of three choices during “Meatoberfest.”

screenshot-2019-09-20-at-11.37.35-am.pngHunger Walk – This is where I’ll be later. In years past the churches of the Gordon County Ministerial Alliance promoted this event sort of in-house, within the churches that make up the alliance. This year the event is moving from a Sunday afternoon to a Saturday and making a much greater appeal to the community at large. With several local businesses on board more money has been raised before the event than was collected last year in total. All proceeds will be divided equally between four local food banks. Hopefully it will be less than 96 degrees but it’s Georgia, we’ll deal.

This week on The Master’s Table – the importance of keeping your eyes on the prize. The Christian Index pays tribute to Brent Davis and looks ahead as Heritage experiences revival. Now that we are officially into fall look for Happy Monday to include cartoons and pics that reflect the season. If you don’t do Halloween at your house that’s your business. Some of us play along for the little kiddies and that’s okay too. Halloween, Easter and Christmas; you’re welcome to read what I really think.

The news this week has been all Trump, impeachment inquires, Ukraine and China. I don’t want to ruin anybody’s weekend vibe (including my own) so I suggest checking out Taylor Swift’s Tonight Show appearance. Unbeknownst to her Jimmy Fallon got his hands on video footage her mother took of Taylor tripping after surgery. Skp to the 1:20 mark if you want to just see the video.

Enjoy the weekend, make worship a part of it, join Van Til to get Monday off on the good foot.

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