Happy Monday

According to the official Happy Monday declaration, one of the things we do on Monday morning is review some of the headlines you may have missed.  We also look forward to the week ahead and share encouragement in the form of inspirational quotes, Bible verses and humor.  There was a complaint last week (via text message, not in the comments) that there wasn’t much to be happy about.  I’ll try try to keep it positive.

Halloween is Wednesday.  How Christians feel about Halloween depends a lot on which one you ask.  I wrote this in 2009 and simply refer to it each year.

Pumpkin carving has become it’s own art form, and I figured by now someone must have carved da Vinci’s Last Supper into one.  Yep.  Smith, the Pumpkin Carver created the piece shown below in 2010.  483 pounds of pumpkin, 15 hours of carving.

When Hurricane Sandy comes ashore, somewhere between Washington, D.C. and Boston, it could combine forces with a winter storm already in progress and form what some forecasters are calling Frakenstorm.  I know what I said about keeping it positive, but seriously; we need to pray for the millions of people that could be affected by this thing.

More happy thoughts:

The San Francisco Giants sweep Detroit to win the World Series.  You may recall they just won in 2010.  This was the Tigers 11th World Series appearance, and they swept the Yankees to get there.

If you’re still with us, here’s some more fall pics.  You can share yours at the Master’s Table Facebook page.

Happy Monday 

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